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Adds permissions for a given user to a folder.

Removes all permissions for a given user from a folder.

-AddFolderPermission examples

Note that -AddFolderPermission is an add/merge in the old pfadmin style. That is, it doesn't matter what the user's rights currently are on the folder, if any. Regardless of what rights the user currently has, after you run this command, they will have the new role you specified. This is in contrast to the Add-PublicFolderClientPermission cmdlet, which fails to add rights if the user already has some of the specified rights.

Give Owner rights to User1 on every public folder:

MAPIFolders -AddFolderPermission -AccessRights:Owner -Scope:Subtree

Give User1 Author rights on one specific public folder:

MAPIFolders -AddFolderPermission -AccessRights:Author "\Some\Folder"

Give User2 Reviewer rights to User1's Calendar:

MAPIFolders -AddFolderPermission -AccessRights:Reviewer "\Top Of Information Store\Calendar"

Note that MAPIFolders does not currently support the FreeBusy permission roles. That will be in a future build.

-RemoveFolderPermission examples

The -RemoveFolderPermission switch removes all permissions for a user, whatever they are. You cannot currently do something like "only remove the user's rights if he has the Owner role".

Remove User1's rights from every public folder:

MAPIFolders -RemoveFolderPermission -Scope:Subtree

Remove User1's rights from one specific public folder:

MAPIFolders -RemoveFolderPermission "\Some\Folder"

Remove User2's rights, if any, from all folders in User1's mailbox:

MAPIFolders -RemoveFolderPermission -Scope:Subtree

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